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Finding Relief: Consult a Leading Knee Pain Specialist in Odisha

by Dr. Rajendra Sahoo01/07/2023

Are you suffering from knee pain in Odisha and seeking expert guidance to find relief? Look no

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Is MRI Scan Of Spine a Necessity In Patients With Back Pain?

by Dr. Rajendra Sahoo18/06/2023

Introduction Low back pain is the commonest cause of musculoskeletal pain world-wide and almost every human being

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Finding Relief: Consult the Best Migraine Specialist Doctor in Bhubaneswar

by Dr. Rajendra Sahoo14/06/2023

Living with migraines can be debilitating and significantly affect one's quality of life. When seeking treatment, it

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Neck Pain & Cervical Spondylosis: Why should we address it urgently before it is too late?

by Dr. Rajendra Sahoo26/04/2023

Introduction Neck pain is another common cause of chronic spinal pain and its prevalence is increasing significantly.

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Shoulder Pain- Why early Specialist consultation is key to prevent chronic pain & treatment failure?

by Dr. Rajendra Sahoo17/04/2023

Introduction Shoulder joint is the most mobile joint of human body. Shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint and

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Heel Pain- Why our heels hurt & what are treatment options?

by Dr. Rajendra Sahoo10/04/2023

Introduction Our foot and ankle is one of the most important joint and structure. It takes all

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Neuron Pain & Spine Clinic

Neuron Pain & Spine Clinic was founded by internationally trained Spine, Pain and Palliative care specialist Dr. Rajendra Sahoo who had vast experience in practicing pain over one and half decade.

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Pain & spine Clinic is utilization and availability of “Ultrasound Machine” which adds significant value in confirming diagnosis and management of various nerve-related, muscle, joint, ligament and bone pain.

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8 – 9.00AM (Morning)

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Dr Rajendra Sahoo is well known teacher at national and international level where he teaches and trains young Pain specialists on various aspects of pain assessment, diagnosis and latest treatment options.