Low Back pain is the most common pain condition where patients seek medical help. It can occur as a result of injury, repeated vigorous activity which puts stress to the spine, wrong posture and age-related degenerative disc disease leading to arthritis in the spine and slip disc. Back pain can affect people of any age due to a variety of factors but more common in old ages. Having said this, low back pain is increasingly becoming common in middle aged population in their 30s or 40s because unhealthy lifestyle like prolonged sitting in wrong posture, lack of physical activity combined with stress on the spine.

Technology and smart phone use these days is causing a big increase in patients with neck pain. Furthermore, disc bulge, muscle spasm or myofascial pain and degenerative changes add up to the causes of chronic neck pain. Sometimes, neck pain radiates to the upper part of headache known as “Cervicogenic Headache”.

Sciatica pain occurs when the discs (jelly like substance between your spine bones which act as a shock absorber) bulge and compress the spinal cord and nerves where patients experience back or buttock pain which goes down the thigh to the leg and toes, and pain can be tingling, sharp, throbbing & stabbing type. In the beginning, pain can be very severe. It can affect all age groups. Conservative treatments & Intervention (Spine Injections) can treat your pain in the majority of cases and surgery can be avoided.

Neuropathic pain is a burning, stabbing, tingling pain experienced in the region of damaged or an irritated nerve.Conditions such as shingles (herpes zoster), trigeminal neuralgia, diabetes, carpel tunnel syndrome (fingers pain), and other entrapment neuropathy can lead to neuropathic pain. If medication fails to relieve the pain and suffering, then interventional pain management may help you significantly.

Pain is a major symptom in every cancer patient. Pain from cancer can be caused by the tumor pressing on bones, nerves, or other organs in the body and sometimes due to your cancer treatment, or a combination of factors. There is no need to suffer with pain and spend sleepless nights. Your pain be easily treated by specific medications and other interventional pain treatments. Please don’t suffer from the myth that pain control is unwise.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a debilitating facial pain where patients experience electric-shock type, lancinating and stabbing pain. This is often known as “suicide disease” and simple activity triggers pain. Medicines initially help but later may become refractory. This is when “Interventional Pain Treatment” like Radiofrequency Ablation can relieve your pain without having to undergo surgery.

This another debilitating pain condition typically affecting extremities following trauma, injury or surgery. Severe pain and sensitivity at the affected area is the hallmark of this condition. In addition, color changes, swelling, temperature changes and impairment of movement can have a long lasting impact on the individual. Seek early help to get the best outcome.

Very commonly the soft tissues like muscles, tendons, ligaments and the covering layer around the tendons are the source of pain. Conditions like Tennis elbow, Trigger finger, De Quairvain’s Tenosynovitis (wrist pain), Heel pain (Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendinosis), Knee, ankle ligament injuries are treated effectively with conservative and interventional treatment with PRP and Growth factors.

Spondylosis or commonly known as Spondylitis is nothing but age-related wear and tear or better known as degenerative changes including arthritis in human spine. This is a radiological (X-ray, CT or MRI) finding and patients may or may not experience symptoms which depend on severity of changes in spine, life style and a host of other factors. Patients often experience aching, stiffness, or pain in the mid back region described as a muscle spasm or tightness.

Shoulder pain is often associated with decreased range of motion leading to impairment of daily activities like brushing, combing and dressing. Frozen shoulder and rotator cuff (tendinous structures stabilizing the shoulder joint) injury or tendinosis are the commonest cause of the shoulder pain. Others like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, labral tear, and A-C Joint problems can lead to shoulder pain. We offer the latest treatments like diagnostic ultrasound; ultrasound-guided therapy for precision, PRP therapy, Radiofrequency Ablation, etc so that you can get back to your work.

Knee pain is 2nd most common pain condition after low back pain where patients seek medical help. Osteoarthritis is the commonest cause of chronic knee pain and is usually seen in people in their 50s or 60s. We offer wide-range of non-surgical treatment options for managing your knee pain.

Many people experience early morning pain in the heel as they wake up. This can be from plantar fasciitis. Similarly, other tendons, nerves, and complex small joints in the foot can lead to chronic pain as it is the weight-bearing joint and bears all brunt of wear and tear as we walk or run. We focus not on identifying the pain source but also in doing a focused ultrasound examination to help us identify and treat the cause.

We treat variety of patients suffering from headaches like migraine, cluster headache, tension headache, cervicogenic headache and others not only by medications but also various nerve blocks which are unique and are not offered anywhere by other specialists. These nerve blocks are especially useful in refractory headache conditions.

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition that causes pain in soft tissues and muscles all over the body. It is often accompanied by fatigue and altered sleep, and mood.We can help you get back your confidence and quality life.

On a daily basis, hundred of thousands patients around the globe undergo various surgery successfully, thanks to the advancement in surgery and anesthesia. However, a small percentage of patients continue to suffer from pain at the surgical site known as “Chronic post-surgical pain”. This is especially common following chest operation (thoracic surgery), breast, hernia, amputation, heart and other surgeries. However, this can be effective treated by a skilled “Pain Specialist”. Accurate and early identification is the key.

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Neuron Pain & Spine Clinic was founded by internationally trained Spine, Pain and Palliative care specialist Dr. Rajendra Sahoo who had vast experience in practicing pain over one and half decade.

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Pain & spine Clinic is utilization and availability of “Ultrasound Machine” which adds significant value in confirming diagnosis and management of various nerve-related, muscle, joint, ligament and bone pain.

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Dr Rajendra Sahoo is well known teacher at national and international level where he teaches and trains young Pain specialists on various aspects of pain assessment, diagnosis and latest treatment options.