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5 Ways to Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy

Human spine is one of the most important structures in our body. It consists of bones (known as vertebrae) from cervical (neck) to the lowermost coccyx (aka tail bone) area. Between the bones are the intervertebral disc which acts as a shock-absorber and supports the spine.

Spine protects the sensitive spinal cord from trauma, injury and damage. Spinal cord is an important relay centre for our sensation, movement, and pain perception which eventually connect with brain.

Every day, millions of people suffer from back pain. Many patients heal and get better in few weeks’ time but some people continue to suffer with persistent back pain. Persistent low back pain can be disabling and cause significant problems in personal and professional life leading to a poor quality of life.

Back pain is a leading cause of long-term disability and loss of work-days. So we have to take care of our spine with spine pain management doctor Odisha

Spine fitness relies upon proper understanding of our spine, its mechanics and changes that occur with everyday activities, stress and strain. Below are few easy-to-do things one can follow in daily life to prevent any injury and more so when one is suffering from related problems like slip-disc or sciatica.

How to take appropriate care of your spine: five easy steps

Step-1: Lift objects in right way

The flexibility of spine relies not only on the spine bones (known as vertebrae) but also on disc, spine joints, muscles and ligaments. Repetitive weight lifting in odd-posture can lead to wear-and-tear and cause early degeneration leading to slip disc and subsequent pain.

Stand as near the item as you can, and use your legs, hip and knees instead of bending from your spine to drag up the item.

Step-2: Sleep properly

A common myth is avoid using pillow or mattress while having back pain. Use pillow of regular/standard height while sleeping. This is needed in order to overcome the cervical lordosis or normal curvature. No scientific studies have shown that pillows should be avoided in case spondylitis.

As shown in the image, a pillow can be placed below knees so that the lumbar spine lordosis is overcome and back muscle spasm is relieved. Similarly, one can sleep on sides and take precaution while getting up from bed. These steps are particularly useful when having pain from sciatica/ slip disc.

Step-3: Correct sitting posture

These days many young professionals have persistent back pain. One of the common reasons is long-duration sitting in odd posture which has become part and parcel of their professional work. Covid-19 pandemic has further increased work from home concept with its consequence of back pain in 30’s and 40’s.

The below shown picture is the appropriate way of maintaining correct posture. It is also encouraged to not sit in one particular posture for more than 40-50 minutes rather get up and stretch few minutes. This will help in maintaining the spine muscles from getting abnormally pulled up and strained in long run.

Step-4: Stay hydrated

Hydration is an important component of not only good spine health but also in overall healthy lifestyle.

Step-5: Maintain healthy weight

Heavy weight or obesity provides moderate pressure on our skeletal system including spine, hip and knee joints leading to early degeneration, arthritis and subsequent manifestation of pain. Hence, healthy diet, regular exercise and losing weight will go a long way in healthy spine and joints.

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The cornerstone for a healthy spine is proper posture, healthy nutritious diet, regular exercise and maintaining proper weight. At the same time, it is essential to avoid repetitive stress and strain to our spine. Most importantly, seeking early medical help is essential to identify accurately causes of back, neck pain, take remedies for prevention of further damage and get appropriately treated.

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